pringles2013 012.jpg“Hi I’m Mr. Pringle. My friends Ethan and Nick have built a thing to transport me to North Carolina.
First they made a box from card board and duct tape. Then they made a duct tape little
Package for me. Next they filled half of the box with tissue and they filled half of the
Package with tissue then they put me in the package and filled the top with tissue. It is sweaty in there have been in there about four days. Then they put tissue in the box and sealed it up. I am lonely.
Good thing I have my supplies!
1 food
2 water
3 lanterns
4 Pringles pad
5 laptop
Good. Everything. For my package there are rules
1. Nothing premade
2.Have fun.
This is how much the package weighs and how big.
880cc and 0.092kg.
My first day in the package I got stuck in school.
My second day in the package I still got stuck in school
My Third day at school I got put in the to the post office.My fourth day I say to myself I hope I end up like Chip he was perfect when he arrived.
Howey Pringle Prep-9933.jpg
Howey Pringle Prep-9927.jpg
making plans
I can't what to see my friends agan.I got a emal on my lap top.It said that the 5th graders got 741 points.8 perfect 4 chiped and 1 pringles dust. Some weard materals there was are wood,leavs and puff balls. Now I will make a... Rats! out of batterys.Ok where's the charger.