Team Wolverines

The Pringles challenge is a fun thing to do. We get to send our Pringles to North Carolina! And anyone can do it! You can also work with a partner if you would like to. (Jordan and Alexander D.) Hope our Pringle makes it intact. If our class wins the Pringles challenge then the class were doing the challenge with will send us Cheerwine (not real wine) and if they win then we send them Faygo
The Pringle's challenge was fun!
. I think that is cool.

We used bubble wrap, tape, and cardboard for the Pringle box. Our team name is Team Wolverines. It was kind of hard to get our total measurements. At the end our data was 0.078 kg in weight and 3584 cc. (The team were facing are 5th graders) We hope we will win. Our box are lots of shapes mixed together such as : Squares, circle and ovals. Having a partner is better than working on your own. That was our small summary about the Pringles challenge.

We opened their boxes and most of their chips survived the trip, but some like the one we opened didn't.

The box we opened was wrapped with lots of tape, and bubble wrap. On the inside was something we thought was cool. There was a cardboard ring holder thing. There chip was split in half.

pringles2013 024.jpg
Us holding the Pringle.

When we opened it we thought it would be perfect because of how it was packaged.

We counted there score and ours(not including mass score). There's was 841, ours was 740. We hope that with the little weight of our packages that we can still win.

Me and my partner, Alexander got 10 points(our chip was split). Our total class score(score/ mass*volume) was 3.9. Were still waiting to hear there score. Even if we lose, or win were still going to send them Faygo. The Pringle's challenge was still extremely fun!