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lots and lots of tape
Great news the new pringels challenge the rules are you can not have any help.
And you have to make it from scratch and you cant build it at home.
You have to get junk from home to build it at school.
Heres the information about the class the teachers name is mrs royster .
Shes a fith grade teacher in north carolina.if we win the prise is cherrywine:red pop. and if they win we send them faygo. Allie and Sophia named their team pringles. The goal is to send the chip without making it crack.
We made a small box and we sent it to Huntersville NC! So far their score is preety good! But was one pringles dust. Sophia and I did a fatastic job on the pringles challenge.We got 10 points but were happy its better than nothing! Plus we were proud. Were sending them faygo and their sending us cherrywine (red pop). They won but only by two points are hole class loved the pringles challenge!
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