Ms.Howey told us we’re doing a project called “The Pringles Challenge”. Lily and I are partners, we are team Polka Dots. The goal is to get our box to North Carolina without it breaking. We are sending our package to Mrs.Royster’s 5th grade class. These are the rules… no premade items, we can not buy anything, it could be no smaller than a 3 by 5, and we could not build at home. We took 2 day to plan our package out. This is our supplies… cardboard(thick and thin), balloons, rubber bands, tuck tape, and paper towel. Our package should be light and small. Our mass was 0.223kg and our volume was 3331cc. If we win we get cheerwine from Mrs.Royster class(it is red pop). If we loose we send them Faygo.

All the package arived and we started opening them. The package we opened was covered with white tape and the chip was in 3 peices. The classes total score was 741. Mrs.Royster's class total 841
Howey Pringle Prep-9921.jpg
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