pringles2013 019.jpg
It takes hard work to open a box.
Here is Team Lightning with our Pringle in its box

When Ms.Howey told us what we were doing I was so excited! Then she gave everybody their partners, mine was Mayah. Ms.Howey gave us about 6 days to bring in supplies like duct tape, cottonballs, cardboard, gauze, and glue. It takes time to build a box. The goal is to get the pringle to Ms.Roysters 5th grade class in Grand Oak Elementary school North Carolina in one piece. But first we had to plan out our plan of box. The rules are we couldn’t use pre-made thing’s from home and you couldn’t buy anything from the store. You get point’s by how light and small you’re box is. It can’t bigger than 3 by 5. The priz e will be Cheerwine (red pop) and we’ll send them Faygo. Are weight was 142 grams and our volume was 1420. The class in North Carolina used things like origami, glue, paper, duct tape, pink cotton balls, leaves, and package peanuts. Me and Mayah opened a package that was made of cardboard, cotton balls and tape. The box we opened was light. But unfortunately the pringle inside the box we opened was in pringle dust. Our final score out of 1200 was 740! They beat us by 2% but we are still getting Cheerwine and they will get Faygo pop. This project was so much fun!