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Say Cheese!
We are doing the Pringles Challenge. It all started last Wednesday when we got our partners. The Pringles Challenge is when we have to make a box and we can’t have anything pre-made, we send the box away to see if the chip will make it in one piece. We put down ideas, we picked which ideas were best, then we made a plan. Our plan was to cut up a cardboard box and make a different sized box then we lined it with cloth. Our mass was 0.179 kg. and our volume was 2340 cc.. We sent the package on Tuesday Sept. 24 to Grand Oak Elementary 5th Graders in North Carolina. We get points based on the intactness of the chip. If we win, they have to send us Cheerwine(Red Pop made in NC), and if they win, we send them Faygo. We hope we win!!

Work work work!!

Finished with our box! Ready to send it!

The packages are all done! Ms. Howey will send them on Wednesday morning! It took alot of work to make our box! We hope our box makes it!!

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Smiling with Kate and Maryanns package! 100 percent!

We opened Kate and Maryanns package! It was perfect! They included pink pompoms, pink tape,blue tape,cotton circles, cardboard, caution signs, and bubble wrap! It was a very light package! We are Skyping with them on Friday! We are eager to find out what our score was! We hope we will get 100 percent for our intactness score! Their whole class overall did pretty well! Their score with the whole class was 841!!