Team Howey Ninja

The Howey Ninjas
What we have to do in the Pringles challenge is the class has to send Pringles to Huntersville, Carolina. We have to build from scratch. We can’t purchase materials. Smaller packages give you more points. We are making a small and extremely hard cardboard package for the Pringle. The mass is very small and a weight of 98 grams! The prize for our class if we win is Cheerwine a very good pop! Our box is tall And skinny . We lined the inside with cotton balls. Also the most cool thing is I am partnered up with Cullen O’Brien who I get along with well, the other cool thing is the other class is full of 5th graders ready to beat! But if they win they get Faygo which is a very good pop. So we hope to win against those fifth graders!So know we have received the rival school's packages and have opened them and determined the pringle's intactness of the other school's pringles and they almost have all of the pringles perfect...which isin't good for us. so we are scyping today,yay! So we are ready to know if we lost or won.Better if we won the challenge. Also we opened a box of the other school that had a lot of cardboard on it. They had rags in it, I never thought of that.
We are done making are box and are holding a Pringles container
pringles2013 021.jpg
We are opening a package from North Carolina