pringles2013 016.jpgIMG_2947.JPGIMG_2930.JPGWhen Ms.Howey first told us we were going to do the Pringles Challenge Asher and I were excited. We are competing with Mrs. Royster’s 5th grade class in North Carolina Huntersville, Grand Oak Elementary. If we win we get Cheerwine (red pop). Our plan was to build it, first we started off with a square out of cardboard. We finished everything but the top so we could put in the bubble wrap bag and put in the stuffing. Then we covered it with another bubble wrap bag. We put shredded paper in the corners of the box. Asher held down the bubble wrap bags when I put on the top piece. I taped it with gorilla tape. Then we measured the length, width, and height. We opened Mrs.Royster's 5th grade class's Pringles Challenge packages. Eight of them were perfect, four of them were cracked so they got ten points each, and one of them was Pringles dust that means it got one point. Some of the supplies were, wood, leaf, bubble wrap, and stuffing.