And that’s the story of the pringles challenge! Wait were getting waaaaaay ahead of ourselves. Let us Rewind . It was an ordinary day… Until Lunch Time that’s when wey introduced the Pringles challenge. She said we had to make packages from scratch to send one single pringle potato chip to north Carolina without it breaking. She told us who our partners were. Jane and Marley got assigned together. We started out with writing down our ideas.
Then we sketched our ideas. After we made supplies lists. And started to bring them in. When we actually brought them in we started duck taping the cardboard together, and sealing it. Then we put in:
  • Bubble Wrap,Howey Pringle Prep-9924.jpg
  • Cloth
  • Cotton Ballspringles2013 030.jpg
  • Duck Tape
  • Shipping Tape
  • Cardboard
When we put the stuff in, we sealed up the top. We measured the volume, and the weight. After We sealed it up and it got sent to NC!:) we don’t know if we will succeed but we can’t wait to find out. Finally on October second we received the packages! It was really exiting to open them and do some surgery with scissors. the box that we opened had an unusual part in the box they wrapped the pringle with a leaf! Finally on October
13th, we Skyped with Mrs. Roysters class and got are teams overall score it was very exiting! They won by 2% more but we are still getting Cheerwine as our prize! And we are still sending them Faygo.IMG_2941.JPG

Our intctness score was...

100% intact

our classes intactness score was...

140% intact.