pringles2013 018.jpgChippy Longboard

First, we brought in are supplies and then. Then we had another day to bring in supplies. The next day we started building Lucas helped with the tape me and Sutton were building the box Sutton helped putting the foam in. And I helped put the cotton balls In and the flat cotton balls in and then we put in round foam balls. We couldn’t bring in pre-made boxes. Then we finish with our box next we put our chip in our box and Next self it with gorilla tape. Finally we went down stairs and weight our box and it weight 313kg and the with was 18.5 and the bottom was 26in., and the side was 19.5 cm.

When we finished our box we sent the box to NC and we are ready to skype with Mrs. Roysters class.

It made it to NC we don't know are score yet but we hope it's %100