Ms. Howey told the class about the Pringles challenge. The rules are no premade objects and no boxes smaller than 3x5 inches. The goal is to send a Pringle in the mail without it breaking. We came up with a plan. But when it was time to bring the supplies in we didn’t have the right supplies. So we had to come up with the plan on the spot. The supplies we used were thick cardboard, bubble wrap, duck tape, and a small box. When we finished it we put the address on. If we win, we get Cheerwine (red pop). If they win they get Faygo. The weight of ours is 66 grams. The volume is 1377 cc. The box we opened was made of wood. The chip had a little piece out of it. The wood box was the hardest one to open.The box was really heavy. There was stuffing in side the box.
Howey Pringle Prep-9922.jpg
We're making the box!

pringles2013 013.jpg
We're finished making the package!